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Playing at online casinos in Canada is a form of entertainment available anywhere in Canada. However, it can also be something that gets out of hand if you are not aware of the risks and making an effort to keep your spending under control. This is why understanding responsible gambling practices and the resources available to you is so important.

Keep reading this responsible gambling guide to learn about the things you can do to keep your gambling under control, the responsible gambling resources available to you in Canada, and how you can set limits when you play at online casinos in Canada.

Good Responsible Gambling Practices

The first step you can take to avoid your gambling getting out of control is to know and follow good responsible gambling practices. Here are some things every Canadian online casino player can do to practise responsible gambling.

Set Limits

All online casinos in Canada will allow you to set limits for yourself. These limits include time limits, deposit limits, spending limits, maximum bet limits, and limits on the types of games you can play.

Even if you are not a problem gambler, setting limits for yourself is a smart practice. Having a limit in place obviously will help you limit your losses, but it will also help you be more aware of how much you are spending and how long you are playing. Being self-aware is always a good thing when it comes to responsible gambling.

Note: A good rule of thumb for any online casino limits is to never deposit more than you are willing to lose.

Know Yourself

As we have just mentioned, being self-aware is key to gambling responsibly. No one knows you better than yourself. If you notice yourself losing control, stop or seek help.

Some questions you should ask yourself to determine if your gambling has gotten out of control include:

  • Can I stop?
  • Do I have a constant urge to bet more?
  • Is my gambling interfering with my personal life, work, or other relationships?

Responsible Gambling Tools

If you've determined that you have a problem, don't worry, there are plenty of resources available to help you. Keep reading below to see how you can get help.

Self-Exclusion Lists

If you're ready to stop gambling all together or just need an extended break, you can put yourself on a casino site's self-exclusion list. When your name is on a self-exclusion list, you are unable to gamble at that casino site or create a new casino account with that site.

Note: Alberta has a province-wide self-exclusion list. If you put your name on this list, you will be blacklisted from all legal gambling sites and land-based casinos in the province. Meanwhile, Ontario is in the process of developing a similar feature for its residents.

Putting your name on an exclusion list is a very easy process. You can find it at the bottom of any online casino page or on your province's gambling regulator's website.

Canadian Responsible Gambling Resources

In addition to putting your name on a self-exclusion list, there are also a number of resources in Canada you can use to address your problem gambling. The resources we list below is not a comprehensive list. Your province, city, or even local community may also have other resources or people willing to help.

Getting Help

If you have reached the point where you think your gambling might be a problem and want to get help, there are many resources available. Here are some of the best and more useful responsible gambling resources in the US and Canada.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous the largest organisation combating gambling addiction in North America. Gamblers Anonymous has an endless amount of resources available for you to help you get your gambling under control.

The organisation also holds meetings all around Canada and virtually where you speak with other people going through the same issues as you. These meetings have been shown to promote accountability and can be very helpful to problem gamblers who feel like they are going through their struggles alone.

Connex Ontario

Connex Ontario provides 24/7 counselling, gambling addiction assistance, and other problem gambling services in Ontario. You can call them at any time at 1-866-531-2600 or reach out using the site's 24/7 chat or email function. All communications with Connex Ontario are confidential.

Note: Connex Ontario provides services exclusively to persons in Ontario, but their staff will be able to help you find resources in your province, so if you are outside of Ontario, it's still worth reaching out.

The site also has plenty of worksheets, responsible gambling guides, and other responsible gambling resources anyone can access, even if you are not a resident of Ontario.

Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gaming

The Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gaming (CPRG) is a tightly-connected group of problem gambling non-profits and other responsible gambling organisations. The CPRG has member organisations all throughout Canada, meaning that you will be able to find help close to you as well as general guidance that applies to gamblers all over Canada.

Responsible Gambling Council

The Responsible Gambling Council is a non-profit organisation with over 35 years of experience helping problem gamblers in Canada. Like the CRPG, the Responsible Gambling Council can help connect you with local resources and provide you with information on how to address your problem gambling yourself.

One thing that separates the Responsible Gambling Council is their cutting edge research into responsible gambling practices. Their website is full of resources and innovative ways to help you track your spending so that you can keep your gambling under control.