About Canadian Apple Pay Casinos

Though not quite on the level of Visa or Mastercard just yet, Apple Pay is becoming one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos across North America. Many online casinos in Canada are now accepting Apple Pay, which begs the question, "What are the best online casinos that accept Apple Pay?"

Check out our guide below about Apple Pay casinos, what to look for, how to make a deposit, and more about this payment method.

About Apple Pay

Apple Inc., famously known for the iPhone and its line of Apple computers, entered the mobile payment business in 2014. Apple Pay was introduced for Apple users, providing digital payments through iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches.

Apple Pay acts as an e-wallet, storing credit and debit cards without the need for a chip or PIN transaction. In the post-COVID age, its ability to provide non-contact payment methods has become even more important. Apple Pay does not require an Apple-specific point-of-sale terminal, working with any merchant that accepts it as a form of payment.

Apple Pay uses two-factor authentication to verify transactions. Consumers can use Face ID, Touch ID, passcodes, or PINs to provide that verification. Apple Pay has become so widespread that it is even used in some public transportation methods. Deposits can be made at an Apple Pay casino quickly and easily, convenience being a major reason to use it as a payment method.

Top Casinos that Accept Apple Pay in Canada

Now that we know the basics about Apple Pay online casinos, it is time to focus more on the best Apple Pay casinos. Though casinos that take Apple Pay are not universally available, they are becoming more commonplace all the time.

Using an online casino with Apple Pay provides a fast, reliable deposit method for players. Our pick of the best Apple Pay casinos are listed above. Players can play online slots with Apple Pay quickly and conveniently.

If you're using an Apple Pay device, you can quickly deposit into your account within a matter of seconds. It's a convenient and easy way to fund your account.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Though Apple Pay is largely a mobile payment service, players can make deposits at a casino with Apple Pay on a Mac as well. Created by Apple Inc. in the fall of 2014, Apple Pay has become a standard available payment method on any device offered by Apple like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

What makes an Apple Pay casino so appealing is its convenience. Apple Pay acts as an e-wallet of sorts, allowing users to put credit and debit cards into one convenient location. Even better, there is no PIN or chip required to complete transactions, both at casinos that accept Apple Pay and retail locations across Canada. Apple Pay is also a contactless form of payment, an important factor in a world still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online casinos that accept Apple Pay work the same way as any retail vendor. When making a deposit, Apple Pay casino sites will initiate two-factor authentication. The device – be it a mobile or Mac computer – will then require a PIN, passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID in order to verify the transaction. Face and Touch ID are the most secure because there is no potential compromising, as there could be with a passcode or PIN.

When making a deposit at casinos accepting Apple Pay as a payment method on a mobile device, the service can be implemented with a double-click on the right-side button. The verification prompt will come up and process the transaction when finalized. Any casino online with Apple Pay provides a fast, safe, and convenient payment method for making deposits.

How to Make a Deposit Using Apple Pay

Once you've determined the best Apple Pay casino based on what you are looking for, it is time to learn how to make a deposit. The good news is that deposits are the same at just about any Apple Pay casino. Follow the steps below to complete a deposit at an online casino that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

  1. Sign in with your preferred sportsbook. Depending on the device, you may need a username and password, Face ID, or Touch ID to verify the information.
  2. Find the banking section. Typically, it is visibly available at either the top or bottom of the screen. Clicking the icon will take you to the banking section, displaying the available options for payment.
  3. Choose how much you want to deposit. Not all Apple Pay casinos are the same regarding minimum deposit, so be sure to check when finding an online casino with Apple Pay. The standard is $10 but that is not universal.
  4. Find the Apple Pay option and tap "Buy with Apple Pay." Things will look different on Apple Pay casino sites versus mobile apps, but they should be fairly similar. If you have more than one card in your Apple Pay wallet, take the time to flip through to find the card you would like to use. Use a passcode, PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID to confirm the transaction.
  5. Should the request go through, a successful deposit notification should appear, and the funds should become visible in your online casino account.

Can You Make a Casino Withdrawal Using Apple Pay?

While it is important to put money into your online casino account, it is just as crucial to take that money out. Whether looking to get out in the middle of a cold streak or cash out while on top, online casinos offer several different payment methods to do so.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not available for withdrawals at this time. Though players can use another payment method to get funds out, it is a bit disappointing that such a widely available payment method does not offer withdrawals at online casinos.

There do not appear to be plans in place to implement Apple Pay as a withdrawal method. Even the best Apple Pay online casino will require users to make withdrawals using another preferred method of payment. It is definitely one of the biggest cons (more below) of using Apple Pay at online casinos in Canada.

Pros and Cons of Using Apple Pay at Online Casinos

Like any method of payment at online casinos, there is a lot to like – and some things to not like – about using Apple Pay. Check out the biggest benefits and disadvantages of playing at an Apple Play casino:

Pros Cons
Very simple and convenient to use Only available on Apple/iOS devices
Fast transaction speeds (usually instant) Does not allow for withdrawals
Very safe and secure due to two-factor authentication Not universally available at online casinos
No commission fees
Becoming more widely available at online casinos


When it comes time to make a deposit at your preferred online casino, Apple Pay has become one of the most popular options around. With so many Apple/iOS users, vendors and casinos alike are starting to accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. It is quick, easy, and safe thanks to Apple's two-factor authentication.

While it is a major disappointment that Apple Pay cannot be used to make withdrawals at online Canadian casinos, it is one of the few downsides. As more and more online casinos start to accept Apple Pay, it will only become more popular for making deposits at Canadian online casinos.


Is Apple Pay available in Canada?

Yes, Apple Pay is now a valid form of payment across Canada. It can not only be used at online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a form of payment but at vendors around the country. In Canada, users must be 19 years old (18 in some provinces/territories) in order to play at an online casino.

Is Apple Pay available at all online casinos in Canada?

Aside from major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, there are no universally accepted forms of payment at online casinos in Canada. That said, Apple Pay casinos are becoming more prevalent all the time. Most of the major names in the online casino realm now offer Apple Pay as a method of deposit.

How fast are deposits made at Canadian online casinos?

One of the biggest benefits of using Apple Pay as a deposit method at Canadian online casinos is transaction speed. Deposits at any online casino in Canada will be processed instantly. At most, it should take no more than a minute for funds to hit the account. From there on, players can begin playing top online casino games like slots, blackjack, and more.

Can withdrawals be done using Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, withdrawals are not available at any casino that accepts Apple Pay at this time. This applies to any online casino as Apple Pay is not set up to accept payments. Users will need to choose a separate method of payment when the time comes to make a withdrawal.

Is Apple Pay considered safe to use at online casinos?

A major benefit of using Apple Pay casinos is safety and security. Apple Pay is one of the most secure methods for making a deposit, largely because of the two-factor authentication requirement. When a player submits a deposit request, they must verify the transaction. This can be done using a passcode, PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID. The latter cannot be compromised as a passcode or PIN can, making it without a doubt one of the safest payment methods at online casinos everywhere.

Are there any commission fees involved with using Apple Pay?

When making deposits using Apple Pay, there are no additional commission fees. Some other payment methods have an additional fee involved, usually a few percentage points on the deposit amount. Users who have an active, registered Apple device can use it to avoid those fees when making deposits.

What devices can use Apple Pay for online casino deposits?

Because Apple Pay is a feature offered by Apple Inc., only Apple devices can use it as a form of payment. iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Mac computers are the only way to use Apple Pay at online casinos in Canada.